The process begins capturing sea water one kilometer from the coast and 18 meters deep; minimizing the possibility of capturing organic material and / or marine fauna.

From the bilge or seawater basin, the water is driven by a pipeline (4.5 kilometers long and 1,600 millimeters in diameter) to the desalination plant where it is filtered to eliminate solid particles, from largest to smallest.

Free of impurities, seawater is driven at high speed, through a system of reverse osmosis membranes - the most important stage of the production process - concentrating the salt on one side of the membrane and fresh water on the other.

The fresh water obtained from the desalination process needs a specific after-treatment according to its purpose of use. Subsequently, the water is stored in two ponds of 5,000 m3 capacity each from where it will be promoted and distributed to the final customers.